Recording Spaces

Studios for Audio & Video Production

With our clients in mind, we’ve created a space with the utmost comfort.
Modern Sound Recording

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Modern Sound Recording

Record in quiet, acoustically treated well located recording studios.

Our fresh and bespoke studios offer the highest standard in modern sound recording and feels more like a hotel or cool bar.

With world class in house sound directors and engineers our recording spaces are in in high demand.

Dial in to direct or just listen to any session remotely via Source Connect, Zoom or Teams.

An abundance of natural light, our sound proof studios are built to broadcast standard.

Feel free to pop in and take a look for yourself!

Client Testimonials



It was a really good morning with the guys and Gary really enjoyed himself. It is not something he or Junior are used to but they loved it. Really appreciated your patience and professionalism.

NSW Police

This is perfect. Our job is done for now Thanks for this – look forward to working with you again soon J

Fulton Hogan

Thank you Ben, and thank you, Joe, for organising everything.  Frank said the interview went very smoothly.

7 Creative Digital 

client testimonial


Whether slick corporate lines or street rock n roll we design logo’s, posters, banners for web, t-shirts, merch, artwork, brand identifiers whatever you want and we can add it to vision and or sound!